We waste alot.  This includes the amount of trash we produce, the amount of food we throw away, and the amount of recyclable/reusable things that do not get reused AND this despite the fact that Ireland is one of the strongest performers in Europe on waste management.  According to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average Irish household throws away approximately €1000 in what is considered food waste.

Another really big problem in waste is plastic. We use alot of plastic and it takes a million years for plastic to biodegrade which means that every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence in some form.  Some plastic gets recycled, some is in landfill, some gets burned and some gets dumped in the ocean.  

General Waste Resources:

EPA Factsheet on waste in Ireland:http://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/indicators/epa_factsheet_waste_v2.pdf"> http://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/indicators/epa

The Breakdown Game from Leave No Trace, designed for upper primary and includes sheet on how long it takes certain materials to break down.


Plastic Waste Resources:

A couple of really good TED talks on the problem of plastic:

Artist Dianna Cohen

Students Melati and Isabel Wijsen


Food Waste Resources:


Ted Talk from Tristram Stuart on the global impacts of food waste.

Food Wastage Footprint (7 min video):  http://www.developmenteducation.ie/resources/climate-change-and-sustainable-development/food-wastage-footprint.html

Red Alert for Hunger  lesson plans from Concern Worldwide that introduces the concept of hunger and the importance of reducing waste in order to reduce hunger.