Ethical Wood and Paper

We need timber. We use it for paper, furniture, musical instruments, etc. At the same time, old growth forests are also important for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and recreation. In Ireland, only about 10% of the land is covered by forests, one of the lowest figures in Europe. Tropical and exotic woods that are taken from around the world are done so without regard for the Rainforest or for the people and animals that rely on it for food and shelter. The Forest Stewardship Council makes sure that forests are managed in such a way that we can enjoy our wood products while maintaining our old-growth. Look for the FSC logo (shown here) on wood and paper products to make sure that we are able to use and enjoy the forests for generations to come. 

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Visit the Just Forests website for information on the importance of resposible foresty as well as resources for educators.

The Journal.  Ireland Now has the Second Smallest Forest Area in Europe. 30 August 2012.

Rainforest Alliance lesson plan on deforestation, aimed at upper primary.