Ethical Fashion

There have been long-standing problems in the supply chain of the fashion industry, the most striking of which is the Rana Plaza collapse which occurred in Bangladesh in 2013.  Workers were forced, under threat of violence and economic sanctions, to return to the building despite having told owners that large cracks had appeared in the factory walls.  Over a 1100 people were killed when the building collapsed. Over 100 people remain missing.

The fashion industry responded by drafting an accord designed to protect garment workers, but unfortunately, many big retailers in Europe and the United States still refuse to sign.

We can both educate fashion and design students in order to raise awareness from within the industry but we can also raise consumer awareness in order to encourage economic sanctions for companies that do not ensure the safety of their supply chains.


Sustainable Fashion: A Handbook for Educators

Recent article from the Irish Times. Sustainable Fashion: The Key Irish Players, 18 June 2016,